News about EF Defense 1st NFT
      2022.12.13 / 18:13 Weracle 518


      We Make Miracles, Weracle.

      We would like to share big news about our 1st Free NFT.

      We have minted 100 NFT Hero cards. The hero info will be released later.

      The first 40 cards will be given out as rewards for in-game event.

      Top 40 lords will be given to their registered wallet address. They will be the first 40 players to receive our unique exclusive NFT cards.

      Information on the NFT card distribution will be announced through Game Notice, FB & Twitter.  

      The rest 60 cards will be given out next month when the new server opens through in-game rewards and NFT giveaway event.

      So stay tuned on our SNS for good news.

      We ask for your interest in the future, and we look forward to seeing you with more diverse news.

      Thank you.

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