• INFI Coin
  • INFI is a game token based on ERC-20 standard that can be obtained while playing Infinity Party Battle.
    INFI can be used for purchasing valuable in-game items, taking part in certain game content or upgrading your team,
    as well as swapped for the main token Weracle for further off-game usages.
    Weracle Platform Ecosystem
    • Getting INFI Coins
    • All Infinity Party Battle players can obtain INFI Stones and Draw Keys in game, and open Lucky Draw Chests for a chance to win INFI tokens and other valuable items.
      There is no limit to a number of Lucky Draw Chests to be opened per day, however, exchange for certain Draw Keys has daily limit.

      INFI Coin Usage
      • Swap with Weracle
      • INFI Coin can be swapped with the main token Weracle.
        The swap is available on Uniswap!
      • Get Valuable Items
      • INFI Coin can be used to get high-grade character transcendence materials and other valuable in-game items in the Package Store.
        (Main Lobby > INFI Store > Package Store)

        INFI Coin Guide
        • 1. Get INFI Stones and Draw Keys
        • You can earn INFI Stones by winning in battle and co-op mode, completing daily quests and missions,
          getting the Battle Pass reward, and much more!
        • How to earn INFI Stones
        • 2. Open Lucky Draw Chests
        • Exchange INFI Stones for various Draw Keys to open one of the Lucky Draw Chests and get a chance to win large amount of INFI Coins.
          (Main Lobby > INFI Store > Lucky Draw) More ways to obtain INFI token will be added with future game updates.
        • How to open Lucky Draw Chest
        • 3. Get Valuable Items
        • You can get various game materials and items from the special INFI packages – high-grade materials for character transcendence,
          lots of Dias, Gold and more character cards!
        • 4. Connect Wallet and Swap
        • You can connect your wallet and withdraw INFI tokens to swap with Weracle and other coins.
          You can also deposit your INFI tokens from the wallet, in order to use them in the game.
        • How to use the wallet
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