• EFD Coin
  • EFD Coin is an ERC-20 token created by refining the Miracles found on the Akaros continent of EF Defense.
    EFD coin can be used to purchase valuable items at the shop of Trade Port, or swap them for the main token, which is Weracle.
    Weracle Platform Ecosystem
    • Miracle to EFD Coin
    • EFD users can obtain Miracles in game, and exchange them for EFD Coin.
      Exchange is possible only 3 times per day and the exchange rate changes depending on the overall server situation.

      EFD Coin Usage
      • Swap with Weracle
      • EFD Coin can be swapped with the main token, Weracle.
        The swap is available on Uniswap!
      • Get valuable items
      • EFD Coin can be used to get valuable items in game.
        (Menu > Castle > Trade Port > Shop)

        EFD Coin Guide
        • 1. Obtain Miracle from the box
        • You can place boxes into slots and obtain Miracles with a few extra rewards.
        • How to get Miracle Boxes
        • 2. Exchange Miracle for EFD Coin
        • You can exchange Miracle for EFD Coin in (Castle > Trade Port > Exchange). Exchange is available for 3 times per day.
        • How to exchange Miracle for EFD Coin
        • 3. Get the valuable items
        • You can get the valuable items by spending EFD Coins, including the keys used to expand the Miracle Box slots.
        • 4. Connect wallet and swap
        • Connect your own wallet and withdraw EFD Coins to swap with Weracle. Also,
          bringing in more EFD Coins from your wallet is possible.
        • How to use the wallet
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